Small Business Loans: What Lenders Look For

Are you starting up a new business? Then you may already be aware that finding the right small business loans for your new company can make all the difference between building a successful venture and utter failure. However, finding the right loan and getting what you need from lenders isn’t always as easy as it might sound. In order to maximize your chances of getting the loan you need, take the time to learn about what your typical lenders look for in a good investment.

Personal Background

It may seem like your personal background wouldn’t merit the attention of a lender who’s just paying attention to the numbers, but when it comes to getting small business loans, the exact opposite is true. Lenders will take a look at your previous addresses, any criminal records, past names and other information in an attempt to learn more about your character and reliability before handing out the loan you’re applying for.

Your Plan

The most important thing that lenders will want to see before approving or denying your small business loans is your business plan. In fact, it’s a requirement that you submit this along with your loan application, so it’s practically impossible to get the cash you need without one. Overall, lenders simply want to see that you have a sound plan for your business, and that you know how to turn a profit with your product or service.

Business Credit Report

Your business credit is another huge factor which lenders will take into account when deciding whether or not you’re worthy of the loan you’ve applied for. Clearly, those lending you money will want to see that you have a high score in order to determine whether or not you’re dependable as far as repayment and cash management goes. If your score happens to be low, it’s probably a good idea to work on raising it before submitting your application.


Finally, most loans for small businesses are going to rely on collateral for security. Therefore, your lenders will want to look at your assets and ensure you have something that can support the amount of the loan you’ve asked for. This can include cars, personal or business real estate, equipment and much more.

While these are some of the main things that lenders will look for when reviewing your application for small business loans, there are several other issues to stay aware of as well. Speaking to a professional can help you learn everything you need to impress your bank or lender and get the cash you need.


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