We Demonstrate What a Competitive Referral and Broker Program Looks Like

At Capital Funding Opportunities, we have created a highly competitive referral and broker program that provides our brokers with rich incentives and rewards for any deals they help us close. Those who become part of our team enjoy reciprocal referrals, which means that if your clients ever come directly to us for their future funding needs, we will politely refer them right back to you.

Talented and driven individuals often join our team because they know that they will receive excellent commissions and referral fees as the result of all successful financial agreements. We also offer upfront fee disclosures and prompt payments as protection for new brokers joining our team.

Become Part of Our Team!

We love improving our team by recruiting top talent whenever we see it. If you are attracted to the concept of immediate and fair compensation for your efforts, we would love to interview you and determine whether or not you will be a good fit. Good candidates for our team should be able to answer most or all of the following questions affirmatively:

  • Would you appreciate the freedom to work from a variety of locations?
  • Do you think you would fit in well with a company culture of excellence and cooperation?
  • Does your current employer underestimate and undervalue your skills and abilities?
  • Has your ability to improve and excel been stifled by your current position or place of employment?
  • Would you enjoy having constant access to some of the best financial tools in the industry?
  • Do you long to be a valued member of a nationally-recognized team of financial professionals?
  • Do you want to work with like-minded individuals who want to help you close your financial deals?

We want to schedule an interview with you right away if you said “yes” to the above questions. Please contact us to arrange an interview time and find out more about our referral and broker program.