5 Ways to Make Flipping Houses More Profitable

With the rise of various home makeover television shows, flipping houses is becoming more and more popular. However, the television shows make it look easy but in reality, it is an extremely risky and difficult task. Before purchasing a home that is going to require major renovations, it is important to make sure that the house can earn a substantial profit. Here are five tips to make a house flipping project more profitable.

Use Cash

When purchasing the home, it is best to use cash for the down payment. The reason for this is that it avoids having to pay interest on the loan. If cash can be used to purchase the house outright, such as at an auction, that is an even better option. The less interest that needs to be paid, the better.

Find an Ideal Location

Houses that are in prime locations will sell faster and for a higher profit. Finding a house in a good school district is one thing to look for. It is also a good idea to avoid busy streets and other unfavorable conditions, such as close proximity to the city dump.

Seek Out Easy Fixes

Another tip is to find a house that needs easy fixes. Flipping houses is a risky investment, so the less that needs to be invested in the property, the better. Finding a house that needs new flooring, fresh paint and maybe new fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen is a much better investment than a house with mold and a cracked foundation. Before purchasing a house, due diligence needs to be done to make sure the renovations it needs are affordable.

Improve the Kitchen

The biggest selling point of any house is the kitchen. Before purchasing a house to flip, evaluate the kitchen. Determine what updates would need to be done to make it desirable to prospective buyers. The more accessible the kitchen is, the higher the profit will be on the house.

Evaluate the Value

It is crucial that the value of the house and neighborhood be evaluated. In order to earn a profit, the house must be purchased below market value. It is also important that the renovations and total investment do not exceed the market value. Doing research before making a purchase is the biggest key to making a profit.

Flipping houses can be an exciting investment, but it is risky. Making proper inquiries before any purchases are made is crucial to being successful in the house flipping market.


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